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all work fueled by coffee & the tv show 'parks and recreation'. i care about white space & your brand.

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my name is rebecca ramos. clvrr designs is the moniker over my work, since I have this weird struggle of never wanting to put name on things. i majored in graphic design and visual communication from the savannah college of art and design in late 2017. 

right around then, i was also about a year and a half into being the sole designer at the coolest startup ever called viral launch. i started there as a customer service rep in 2015 and learned a wealth of information about the amazon space, then soon moved into a design position as we scaled and began offering creative services. 

the amazon space is so unique and there's value in working with a designer who is able to design solutions based around the specific needs of that market, and who can execute design composition with amazon knowledge as guidance and inspiration. i also tend to have a ton of value to give you along the way for success once your designs are done and it's time to move into the next phase of your amazon journey!

my creative approach revolves around a mission to communicate no matter the topic or product.  because of this focus, i adore everything from creating custom iconography to better explain features, to effective typesetting to organizing a hierarchy of information so it can be best understood by the viewer. 

for me, design is the amazing challenge of finding simplicity in visual explanation, even for complex subjects. i care about white space, adore font families, obsess over adobe illustrator, love creative briefs, and i'm passionate about creating strong visual work for your brand so you can capture the attention of your audience and focus on all the other aspects of your business while i handle the visuals.




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