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some common q's n some a's for them


how much will my project cost?

ah yes, the most important question first! project pricing varies and depends largely on the longevity, scope and details of your project. i quote each project per its unique needs, but i quote fairly and turn around deliverables at the speed of light for you so you can keep building your brand as i handle the visuals. 



what is the process for completing my design project?

first and foremost, if possible, i'd love to buy you a cup of coffee or meet up over google hangouts. this will open up our dialogue and allow us to get to know one another a bit better, and dive deeper into your vision and goal for the project so we can be completely aligned. then, for my use, i'll request for you to complete a fairly detailed creative brief so we can get all our goals in writing. from there, i will give you a turnaround delivery date (typically 2-4 days) for an initial proposal. once we get the proposal, i typically am able to revise things to perfection within 7 days or far less depending on how speedy our communication is.



do you do work outside of the amazon space as well?

one million percent, yes! i've done everything from logo design, packaging design, menu design, branding, brand consultation, infographics, icon sets, ad design, flyer/poster design, company decks, print collateral and more. i'm obsessed with making things look awesome. drop me an email and i can assure you i'll be thrilled about any type of project you have a need for.




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