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infographics add value to any photoset and product. from photo callouts to illustrative and icon driven approaches, here are a few infographic examples.


lifestyle callout

photo callouts keep the photo set simple yet precise in the documentation of a products most important features. this style of infographic is great for products with easily overlooked features that are essential to showcasing why the product is better than the competition. here are a few examples:

Morgenhaan Measuring Set Export 2.4.png

premium kitchen product

this graphic is a great example of how much of a role great photography plays in having great infographics. features like engravred brand name in addition to a vast array of debossed measuring sizes are called to attention where otherwise they could be potentially overlooked by consumers.

SONY Speaker Infographic 1.png

huge brand

i used the tried and true photo callout method to create a minimalist photo callout style for a huge amazon brand. in conjunction with an extremely modern floating product photo, these photo callouts help to accentuate a few features of the product that aren’t otherwise directly communicated in the image set.


white background callout

white background photo styles are essential to any top-of-the-line amazon listing with features that aren’t inherently highlighted via product photography. colorful, simple and thorough infographics can help make these otherwise one-dimensional photos into more valuable insight for the consumer.

Backaline Deluxe Infographic Style Revised 6.png

premium kitchen product

this infographic combines the magic of both photo callouts and custom iconography; you really can highlight a lot with just a little bit of text and an aesthetically pleasing icon or visual. this image really documents the conjunction between callouts, icons, and bulleted callouts to showcase how they all can add value to even a simple white-background hero image.

EcoClear Travel Bottles _ Infographic 2.png

on-the-go convenience product

this infographic callout tackled all 4 of the main product features in one massively informative image. the four callouts in this image visually showcase the selling points of the product with ease and minimal language. as one of my earlier infographic projects, i’m proud that this graphic represents just how different a product image can be in regards to communication with callouts.


illustrative/graphic infographics

infographics can also be a great option for simplifying best-use directions or how-to-use product info. having a well-designed and user-friendly visual on the use of a product can offer comfort to a new customer and add insight to how simple your product is to use. this knowledge can encourage sales and trust in a brand, not to mention answer consumer questions with ease.

Sound & Armor Earplugs Infographic.png

simple day-to-day product

directional infographics are far better than text directions. not only do they show the user how to best use your product (setting you up for a great user experience) but they also offer engaging visuals to ensure that the directions are followed by the user correctly (further setting you up for a great ux).

oasis naturals text directions.png

unique-use product

this type of infographic is unique and, in my opinion, extremely smart. while the merchant didn’t need icons or directional visuals, a well-designed text-based image of the directional use of their product still offers insight to the consumer while furthering the branding of their photo set and answering customer questions before they were even asked.